Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel is a brand that creates spectacle like no other. Not many designers' clothes could stand up to a space shuttle launch inside Paris's Grand Palais, which is what the brand did at the end of its Tuesday replica handbags show. In the past, though, Chanel has gone as far as to chip off and ship in a giant chunk of actual glacier, though, so the brand's design tiffany outlet department was more than able to rise to the occasion. As the rocket suggests, Chanel's Fall 2017 collection was themed around outer space, although the celestial references were far less literal in the clothes and bags than they have been in gucci replica recent work. There was a clutch shaped like a rocket, of course, but that's a longstanding brand tradition. The most unusual runway hermes outlet uk bags were a series of backpacks in tweed and metallic nylon; other than them, the collection didn't stray beyond the brand's usual bounds, which will likely be a welcome development for Chanel's many fans.
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Anne Bedford

About Anne Bedford

Anne Bedford is based in South Yorkshire where she has been breeding and producing show jumping horses for a number of years now. Anne has ridden at an international level where she has enjoyed many successes with horses that she has produced herself from novices. She now concentrates on breaking young horses and producing them through the grades for competition or sale.

Anne Bedford offers a unique opportunity for any serious sport horse breeder to choose from several superbly bred stallions that have all been selected for their excellent confirmation, superb temperaments and above all, their jumping ability!

Telephone: 07803 711 979 • Email: info@annebedford.com

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